Advisors near the end of their careers have three main questions of their successors:

How will you take care of my client? 

Our leveraged ensemble surrounds your clients with a team of professionals including Wealth Partners, Financial Advisors, Paraplanners and Client Care Coordinators. We have a robust client service experience to provide proactive client contact throughout the year. 
How will we handle the transition?

We have a dedicated operations team to ensure that your clients’ accounts are moved onto our platform as smoothly as possible.

How much is my practice worth?

Our user-friendly valuation questionnaire is easy to complete. Send your data back to our team and receive an estimated value of your practice. We also will share strategies on how to increase the value of your practice and maximize your sale price, as well as, understand your after-tax net income.

Our due diligence process is composed of three calls, a home office visit, and ends with a clear discussion of the economics for a partnership or the sale of your business to our firm.