• Hefty Wealth Partners

    Hefty Wealth Partners was an RIA founded in 2010 by David and Stacy Hefty. Prior to founding the RIA, they completed a $20M acquisition in 2003 and a $10M acquisition in 2007. Hefty Wealth’s investment management platform claimed compliance with GIPS® standards. In 2015, they began a practice management and investment consulting solution called Crescendo Max.

  • Oak Point

    Oak Point Financial Group was an RIA founded in 2010 by Dennis Kehoe and John Knowlton. In 2010, they completed an acquisition of Rebecca Johnston’s practice (approximately $20M). In 2013, they acquired Bill Wheeler’s practice (approximately $28M). In 2016 Oak Point became a consulting client of Hefty Wealth Partners’ Crescendo Max. That year, they also acquired Gerry Gerweck’s practice (approximately $52M).

  • CPF Texas

    CPF Texas (formerly The Center for Personal Finance) began in 1985 in Dallas, TX. Credent Wealth Management partners, Chris Lipper and Adam Spence, began their financial advisor careers at CPF Texas. Lipper joined in 1995 and Spence in 2001. CWM partner Tom Knippa began his financial advisor career at Ernst & Young in 1996, but joined CPF Texas in 1998. CWM partner, Brian Davis (Waco) also traces the beginning of his financial advisor career to CPF Texas (1999-2000).

  • April 2018

    Hefty Wealth Partners (Auburn, IN) and Oak Point Financial Group (Portage, MI) merge to form CX Institutional, doing business as, Credent Wealth Management.

  • October 2018

    Vestpro, Inc. dba CPF Texas (Plano, TX) merges into Credent Wealth Management.

  • February 2019

    Perspective Financial Group (Waco, TX) merges into Credent Wealth Management.

  • May 2019

    Charles Hart (Plano, TX) joins CXI Advisors from Ameriprise.